Extravaganja Band Submissions 2014

Do you want a chance to play 2014 Extravaganja? Submit your music to the UMass Cannabis Reform Coalition and you may be given that opportunity!

If you or anyone you know wants to submit music to be considered for Extravaganja, follow these steps! *

  • Email your music as a SoundCloud or YouTube link to cannabis@umasscrc.com
  • Deadline for all band submissions are are February 28th, all entries will be informed of their status by March 7th.
  • Our members will vote on our favorite bands and you will be selected directly into Extravaganja OR into our Battle of the Bands at the end of March, date TBD
  • The winner of Battle of the Bands, also as voted by our members, will be the opening act at Extravaganja.
  • Battle of the Bands is for UMass or local Amherst bands to get an opportunity to play Extravaganja. All entries will be considered for Extravaganja but only local or UMass bands will be considered for Battle of the Bands.

* PLEASE NOTE: no mp3 or mp4 files will be accepted, we have to be able to link them online to our members.

Any and all kinds of music welcome and encouraged! Good Luck!